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I have a info that the new summer Campaign is taking place in the Empire(the empires getting trashed) and a group of orc players (my brother and some other people) have already started making planes for it so i think that it is only right that the fellow Empire players on this forum start making are own planes to destroy the oncoming Waagh! All ideas accepted.

I thought the Nemesis crown was a dwarfen artefact (C) by Alaric Wirrkopf ... Why would they burry it in the empire.

Anyway .. we will see who will have the last laugh.  :closed-eyes:

When the time comes, we should probably work together to focus our offense/defense in one particular part of the map (if that is possible). Create a breach, divide, and encircle. Let's see the Orcs get outta that one  :icon_twisted:.

For my part in our plans I will try to get all the info i can about the orc planes from my brother or sneak on the orc forum and find out as much as i can. That will show those green skin idiots  :biggriin:

I also know that the map for the campaign is of the Empire and it is divided up into sections that are given to a country like say Canada or Germany and all the battles that are recorded will go into the results of the war for that section and the whole campaign over all.  I also know that all the almost if not all the races of the old world are fighting to get the nemisis crown.


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