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Hey all,

Currently the Orcs from Da-Warpath have already forwarded articles to the Head Narrator. Basicly, if we want something, we need to go for it. Here are a list of things that we we're thinking about. If you want tovolunteer to write stuff for it, go ahead. Also, Machael W, while I really love your stuff that has been done so far, we need to make a more generic version for submission, so i'd really like your help on that.....

Michael W - The 4th Imperial Corps - With 3 Divisions already set up under command of other Generals and still lacking the sufficient forces to protect the lands of the Empire from all the invading armies, Karl Franz decreed that a fourth Division be formed under Gen. Helstorm as Field Commander. Their purpose is to be dispursed as needed throughout
the regions under the Overall Commander of the campaign (as put in place by GW).

??? - Mission Statement - A fluffy proclamation of the Mission Statement we have developed for ourselves. (Note: Will be posted up for discussion in another thread.)

Jerok - Scapegoat Engineer - The Master Engineer of the Campaign that we can blame all technical failure (or success) on. Also includes his Super-Forest-Taint-Cleanser.

As more things come up they will be added, so keep your eyes open.

I forgot, also use this space for discussing things that need to be written, what people are writting etc.

Moved to the right thread...

Alarnik, their debating the Knightly Order stuff in the General NC thread.

Heh, sorry about that... :icon_redface:


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