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League starting in Concord, California, USA
« on: January 19, 2004, 09:22:02 PM »
I'm tired of just playing in my local GW store, and no one else has made an effort to start a local league, so, forgive me for spamming this board if you're not in the area, but I wanted to spread the news on my favorite boards.

My name's Erik. I'll risk spam-bots and post my email:
If you're in the East Bay area, more specifically Concord/Martinez/Walnut Creek/etc, and want to join a league, please email me with your first name, your email address, and your general avaliability. If you can also let me know your phone number and location, it would help as well.

If you can offer a gaming space once a month, that would be helpful to know, too. I'll offer my apartment, as little parking as there is, and I know a store nearby where tables can be reserved.

An employee at the Concord GW store has already offered to do some of the paperwork to make this official, so once we're started, we will actually be able to hold Rogue Trader Tournaments and other official events.

Spread the word! Thanks, and looking forward to gaming with you!