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A merc?

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Narmo Eressea:
Greetings from the Laurelorn forest. Are asrai mercenaries accepted to fight for the Empire?

Certainly, Narmo... You're welcome to fight for us. All help is welcome, after all. Is it only you, or are more Asrai armies going to take this stance?

Might I urge you to keep quiet about what you read on this message board? We will be deciding proposals for alliances, strategies and whatnot on this forum, and I think we'd all rather have that we can discuss these things without the other factions knowing about them. So I sincerely hope you will not be providing anyone outside the forum with information you read here.

Welcome Narmo, are you also on, as I could use some support.

I got your back Veldemere.  In times as these, looks as though we'll have to set aside our differences. :wink:

Agreed, back to war with eachother in September?


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