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Re: The City State of NULN
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Hello fellow citizens from Nuln! I've been looking at this forum for months now and just finally decided to join up. I have about 7500 points of painted Nuln and I just love the province and the color scheme. The reason why I chose Nuln is because,
1. Easy to paint
2. Cool background (really cool background)
3. Guns...Lots of guns

I do have to say that my army has a pretty diverse mix of things, and is a little...unique as far as Empire armies go. For example I have No knights (yet). I really don't like the look of the current knights and I'm just waiting for new ones. I'm looking forward to talking more about the mighty province of Nuln!

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Re: The City State of NULN
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Good man! Welcome to the ranks of the Blackcoats!

Ill see you in the Nuln Officer's Mess.
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Re: The City State of NULN
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Just skimmed through this thread and want to add that more info about Emanuelle von Liebwitz can be found in the waaay old novel Beasts in Velvet.  Anything else I want to post about this would end up being spoilers for this book.

Also, Karl Franz has at least one son, who makes brief appearances in both Beasts in Velvet and Drachenfels.  His name escapes me at the moment.

Apologies for the threadomancy but I didn't see the book mentioned earlier in the thread.

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Re: The City State of NULN
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Holy Lectors and Prelates, Lord Alchemists, Master Engineers, Burgomeisters, Generals, Lords and Ladies of Nuln...

...I give you my Nuln Army.

Regiment of Halberd & Crossbow (40 Halberdiers, detachment of 20 Halberdiers, detachment of 20 Crossbowmen)

Two regiments of Swords (30 Swordsmen, 2 detachments of 15 Free Company Mercenaries)

Two regiments of Handgun & Half-Pike (20 Handgunners, 2 detachments of 10 Spearmen)

Wissenburg regiment of Half-pike & Bow (20 Spearmen, 2 detachments of 10 Archers)

Regiment of the Templar Order of the Knights Griffon (20 Knights)

Regiment of the Armoury Guard (20 Greatswords & 2 detachments of 10 Halberdiers)

Regiment of the Grand Order of the Reiksguard (20 Inner Circle Knights)

Regiment of Pistolkorps Pistoliers (10 Pistoliers)

Two Great Cannons

Two Mortars

Helblaster Volleygun

"City of Nuln" (Steam Tank)

The Brotherhood of Atonement (30 Flagellants)

Note that I haven't listed any Lords or Heroes.
I have a few to choose from, mostly General/Captains, Sigmarite Priests & Gold Wizards.
I also have Reikmarshal Kurt Helborg up my sleeve to lead the Reiksguard Knights and the army if so commanded by his Emperor.
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Re: The City State of NULN
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So, who do we use as the elector / general of a null force of arms? It seems like miss elector isn't a battle woman and doesn't fight so she's not suitable, but I'd still like to bypass those things and make her a warrior and have a female general of my nuln army... But it might jinx me to have bad luck with the dice to go against cannon.

My army is going to be an imperial decree army of Karl Franz himself, it will be an elite force with a mixture of troops. So it will have gunnery from nuln, which includes all black powder, artillery and handgunners and outriders. Then there will be a mixture of reikdorf and altdorf state troops of various regiments. The carroburg greatswords.  A unit of Reiksguard Knights and Knights Griffon as my regular Knightly order.  I was originally considering making the knightly order white wolves, however I think the models are crap and I like to do conversions and I will make a fully converted custom unit of knights griffon. That is my style. Just need to know their heraldry colours.
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Re: The City State of NULN
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Well, IF (wich I don't think will happen with GWs fluff) a civil war breaks out between Wissenland and Nuln, how do you think Averland would react?
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