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Empire FAQ and Abbreviations - updated 10/12/07

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Did't know that. :icon_confused: sorry


I have seen the official FAQ for the GW Grand Tournament here in the UK. If I knew how on would put a link on for you. In the FAQ it says that the pit of shades does not work against the Steam Tank. Also the Hand of dust does work because it provides the model with the ability as opposed to affecting the Stank itself.

Just thought you should know  :icon_cool:

Just thought you folks might be interested in this courtesy of BF from Direwolf. Looks like you might be getting an official Empire FAQ in the very near future ;-)...

--- Quote ---As many (or may not) know, I have been providing
Alessio Cavatore with questions for GW's Shrine of
Knowledge update project over the past 60 days.

Yesterday, I submitted the lengthy list of 7th editon
main rules questions which were collected over the
month of January on The Warhammer Forum.

Alessio thanked the community for submitting the
questions and provided me with an update on the status
of his efforts on the update project.

Two FAQs for army books have been completed (Wood
Elves / Empire )and we should hopefully be seeing them
by February month end on the SoK website.

In addition Alessio was kind enough to answer the
Salamander / Flaming Attacks questions.

Per Alessio the Salamander 'Spout Flame' attack does
indeed count as Flaming. As the Lizardmen FAQ on the
SoK is in very good shape he doesn't expect to amend
the FAQ, but will make sure that there is a note
placed in the UK GT rulespack to that effect.

The Direwolf Lizardmen FAQ has been updated to reflect
Alessio's answer as the Source. (The answer matches
the same answer we received from Anthony Reynolds
several years ago).


Direwolf FAQ Keeper

--- End quote ---

Cheers, Gary

Duke of Wight:
Can you the prayer healing hand on a steam tank to give it its wounds back

Dendo Star:
No - for two reasons.  One, the Steam Tank ignores all spells and Magical effects that do not attack it with given Strength value.  Two, Healing Hand only allows you to target Champions and Characters - which the Steam Tank is neither of.


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