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Battle vs. Snagafang

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Well, it turned out to be a draw!  2500 Empire v. 4200 Orcs and Goblins.  I was in a well defended position with hills and entrenchments.  I could also reroll missed artillery shots, a special rule we had that signified sighting/ranging of the artillery before the battle.

I'll post a batrep, with Snagafang's help in a day or two.  It was a lot of fun and it was nice meeting Snag and Rufas.

A draw is, of course, a victory if you are the defender!  :-D

How did you work out the relative points values?

Looking forward to the battle report.  Well played Wissenlander.

Was Rufas the gentleman that loaned you some Empire( I dont want to use his name here without asking)?
I didnt know he was there. Heck, if that was him we should have all thrown down together and let the other poor saps face the might of Chaos! Curses! Stupid 'umies! :-D :-D :-D If it was we need to arrange for another battle in the future where we can all get in on the same game.

I got all of the pics downloaded Wissenlander. I am still weeding through all of the ones not in focus. I will put them in an album tonight and you can let me know which ones you would want me to use. There are some really funny shots! Then we can pm our reports and edit them into a single post we both like. Fluff will of course be optional afterwards!

Good game though! I am so happy when I give up nearly 1000 points on the final turn of the game! :-D :x :-P

Indeed, Rufas was the quite tall gentleman.  His troops did a fine job for me (the great amalgamation of Wissenland/Drakwald/Nordland troops).  I was a bit shocked at my last turn, I guess my troops were ready after all that entrenching?  Too bad my arty got crunched so early, I was doing well with them...

I think another battle would be cool, you could unleash more of your troops potentially, a truely scary thought!

My wife thanks you for letting her jump in there as well.

Sounds good about the pics, let me know where I can view them and we'll get started!

@Clausewitz:  We decided to have this battle as a response to however the battle at Port Maw/Gork's Maw was going.  Since the U.S. Empire assault was repulsed the previous week we decided it would be fitting that I was on the defensive.

The massive Waaagh! would move in (and it was massive) and do their best to get me out.  I was allowed to bring in reinforcements as the game progressed which basically meant any unit that was destroyed during the battle.  I didn't use warmachines or characters in this though.

I hope that answered your question.


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