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Hey guys,

I'm taking this post for a public apology to everyone on the Campaign board and who worked on this campaign. Unfortunatly 2 weeks in to the campaign I went on vacation to a cottage, and I had assumed I would be able to hit the library in town almost every day to report and check here. Unfortunatly, the library computers were out of commission and so I was stuck for this entire time without internet access.

Because of this I haven't been able to work on this site, which has been my project for over 4 months now, in it's most important time, and haven't been able to keep up my score in the Campaign itself. I'm about to go see how we did now, so again I apologise to everyone for disappearing without a trace and especially to those who have worked as long and hard as I have on this....

And especially Wissenlander, whom I'm sure took over as he was, whether he knew it or not, my right hand in alot of the process.


Dendo Star:
It's cool.  :happy:

None of us have any ill will!  I myself had to fight mostly unregistered opponents.  I'm fortunate I was able to fight at all!
Real life does happen.  Damn reality. It is always screwing up fantasy!

Robert Klemic:
Hell,  I was hoping to get in a lot more games but grad school came and shook its fist at me in the form of a 3 week Mon-Thu 1-4:45 Storytelling class on top of my Wed 6-9 Library User Instruction class.  I was going nvts these last few weeks.

I got one whole battle in so far, and one that's been in progress for about three weeks of the campaign. Such a waste, considering I had grand plans of like 10 battles :(

Welcome back!

I hope I did the Empire justice, in your stead, Jerok.  Was fun, sometimes frustrating, but an overall good experience.  Thanks to everyone for their support.


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