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So what happened exactly?

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--- Quote from: Dendo Star on October 06, 2007, 12:41:43 AM ---Ah...and the Orcs.  The Greenskin online community at Da were exceptional!  Naturally, we could not ally with them, but we did everything else together - wrote fluff, coordinated events, chided each other...they were awesome.  A good buncha lads they got over there.  With this campaign, our two communities really bonded.  And that is a good and lasting thing.  They did bad in the campaign, but performed amazingly in it's inner workings.

The Chaos Dwarfs (what is their site?  Hammer Of allied with the Orcs, acting as combat engineers.  They were in it for plunder, slaves and the chance to get yet another big funny hat.  Their community was a grand lot of fun and they were very active.  They were defeated along with Orcs and Goblins, but were quite a serious threat!
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That just about sums up our feelings about you guys too! The sparring between W-E and Da Warpath made the campaign for me.  Now get yourselves signed up for Animosity 2: The Sands of War so we can carry on!


*This was show cased in the novel The Corrupted.

Wrong campaign mate. You're thinking of the Slight Drizzle of Mild Mayhem from a few years ago  :icon_wink:


How right you are! I feel like a dork!  :eusa_wall:

well, this is what I get for sending my troops into the Moot for tactics drills while everyone else is looking for Nemesis Tiaras or something...


You wondered why the hordes of Chaos always rush straight through Kislev into the Empire after burning the cities, and why they never stop to actually build cities and encampments there and creep south? It's because they're afraid. Afraid that if they linger in Kislev for too long, the Kislevites will come back and hurl them back through the polar Chaos gate once and for all. And that's a wise policy!

That's how the Kislevites do it.

You know, I can actually totally accept that answer! It works better than anything else I've ever read about it.


Er... yes, well, I'd meant to write up a proper response, but I realised to boiled down to 'well, the Kislevites are really determined'. So I ran with it. :wink:


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