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3 way battle with 6 armies (longish)
« on: August 25, 2003, 02:28:01 AM »
HAd an interesting battle over the weekend. With 6 players and only one large table we had to come up with something so...

The plan was 3 teams each of 2 1500 point armies. 2 x Empire vs. Choas & Tomb Kings vs. Orcs & Goblins and Dark Elves. The objective to capture the most enemy artefacts which were hidden inside a building in the enemy deployment zones. Each team had one artefact. To capture the artefact a combined unit strength of 10 was required within 3 inches of the building for an entire turn while not being ion combat.

The winner...the team with most artefacts, a countback on a draw was via VP.

Some highlights

Choas's entire 23 model army (2 units of 5 knights, 1 unit of 10 with general, 3 dragon ogres) deployed with their eyes set on the Empire. A unit of 12 IC knights panther were destroyed and a unit 5 Knights Panther reduced to 3 in turn 2 by CHaos for no loss.  :x The hellblaster then gets revenge in the next 2 turns killing a unit 5 and 8 of the unit of 10. The three remaing knight panther then run of and destroy the remaining chaos knight and general. :P  A detatchment of handgunners reduce the other knights to 2 and kept them out of the entire battle! A titanic battle between the dragon ogres and 24 GSwords with griffon banner and WP saw only 5 models standing at the end of the battle only 1 a dragon ogre.

In turn one a unit of white wolves is reduced to 2 by a goblin bolt thrower. In turn 2 the white wolves march into a gap between several units to release 3 fanatics. White wolves die, but in the next turn the fanatics kill half a unit of corsairs and several night golbins (all 3 went through their own units, one just missing the orc general stamding between the units!) :D

A giant is caused to panic by a chariot broken in combat (failing its test on Ld 10) I then fails to rally next turn. Then when it finally makes combat fails to inflict a wound!

Battle Captain on pegasus kills Screaming skull catapult in turn 2, hierophant in turn 3, 1 and 1/2 tomb swarms before finally losing combat and fleeing when charged by skeletons while engaged with swarms! (Gees I love that model!)

A huge unit of tomb gaurd with 2 priests in powdered by 12 DE cold one riders after 3 rounds of combat and then a huge block of skeletons by turn 6.

When all was said and done no team captured an artefact (we may have to revise our rules a little). Empire had  8 models left, Chaos 1 model, TK 7 models and DE + O&G had probably half their army left.

But on the VP count back believe it or not a three way draw :!:   :!:

This was mainly due to the all out attack by Chaos on Empire and most of the O&G army not making combat at all, and most that did only on turn 6.
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