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Sisters of Sigmar Army List for D3
« on: August 25, 2003, 06:01:06 AM »
Hi all,

Went through my army list prep for Dogcon 3 (Biggest WFB Tournament in Australia, and the Southern hemisphere) last night, spent ages writing up a 2000 pt list and finally came out with something I was happy with, and then it all went to shite as I had to add another 250 points in as it's a 2250 pt tournament :(  So here, off the top of my head because I left it at home, is my new improved, ready to be commented on/hacked to pieces Sisters list for Dogcon 3:

Basically its a Sisters of Sigmar nunnery that has been overrun by a
Chaos horde.

Only the Matriach, a few older nuns and a group of novices survived. These make up the characters and the greatswords. The rest comes from the surrounding countryside, joining with the sisters who are now on the
trail of the Chaos spawn.

I originally didn't want to go with any State troops, or artillery as they don't quite fit in with the Nuns, but I swallowed my pride and have made up plenty of Free Company to be used as Swordsmen.  Also an EC instead of the WP as the Matriach makes more sense to me, as a more powerful leader ie higher I and WS than standard WP's

Elector Count (80), Full plate (12), Enchanted Shield (10*), Sword of Power (40*), Holy Relic (45*)
Captain (50), BSB (25), Armour of Meteoric Iron (30*)
Warrior Priest (95), Heavy Armour (4), Gt Wpn (4) Icon of Magnus (30*)

24 Swordsmen (168), Full cmd (25)
Detachment 9 Militia (45)

24 Swordsmen (168), Full cmd (25)
Detachment 10 Militia (50)

24 Swordsmen (168), Full cmd (25)
Detachment 10 Militia (50)

24 Swordsmen (168), Full cmd (25)
Detachment 10 Militia (50)

10 Crossbowmen (80)
10 Crossbowmen (80)
7 Hunters (70)

Detachment 10 Archers (80)
Detachment 10 Militia (50)

20 Greatswords (240), Full Cmd (30), War Banner (25*)

18 Flagellants (198)

Characters = 270, 12%
Core = 1332, 58.98%
Special = 270, 12%
Rare = 198, 8.8%
Magic = 185, 8.22%
Total = 2250, 100%


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