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I guess some of you guys play or have played Mordheim in the past. I never did, I think we were just too hooked on Necromunda at the time. But we recently got hold of the official rules but I am wondering if there is any less official rules for using other races or indeed states as warbands out there. My brother and I are thinking of trying it out as a way to get the wives more into the playing aspect of GW because they are already into the painting.

Anyway, many thanks if you can point me in a good direction or indeed let me know I am fool for even thinking such things might exist.  :wink:

Johan Willhelm:
Feast your eyes on the wonder that is:

everything you need!  :mrgreen:

Vive la Mordheim! The game for which I forsook Warhammer  :mrgreen:

Thankyou indeed, cool site  :::cheers:::

Johan Willhelm:
Tis indeed - if you look at the Mordheim articles section on the Specialist Games site there's some pretty nifty rules there as well. Happy Mordheiming  :-D

Lots of useful stuff here;

We still play Modheim now and again, but there is a lot of good stuff still about. There's a yahoo group which I recommend with good chat and lots of useful files if you want to get into the game! :biggriin:


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