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Ok, well I just wanted to throw it out there that I and a friend of mine will be organizing a Mordheim campaign in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  It will meet monthly and for most of the day, If anyone in the are is interested, or thinks they would like to commute (if it's close enough) just let me know, All will be welcome and I will post any further information as it becomes available, thanks.

Yeah, Indiana, that's only a couple day drive, count me in!

If you think you can handle that you're always welcome, but damn man driving a couple days might not be worth it :biggriin:

Haha, yeah, I am beginning to think the same. But dammit I would love to do a mordheim campaign. I love small fast battles with a story line. That was why I used to play LotR in the progression league at my local GW. After getting smoked in my first battle by dwarves I didn't lose a single game. Gondor for the win.

yeah it's a fun game and one that can really be played in a campaign format without too much fuss, We're doing a narrative campaign, using the Empire in Flames campaign rules, alliances and backstabbing will abound :biggriin:


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