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Rufus Sparkfire, has written a treatise on the use (or lack of use) of the Empire Engineer. The article can be found by clicking here

I liked the articel and agree that engineers arnt good enough. At least the dwarf ones can be put with bolt throwers and actually do some good. I think it would be useful to push for a change in the rules but I still wouldnt use them- I like it when my artillery misfires, it gives my oppostition less to moan about. :P

One small part that engineers excell in is seige games, as the attacker you generally have 3000pts. Take two engineers just as they are along with three or four great cannons and don't capture the castle; knock it down. If you position all your artillery together with the engineers within 2" of two or three of the cannons each thier re-roll of the artillery dice is great. You don't guess ranges to hit castles so just double slot the cannons ( +1 on the damage table) and roll two artillery dice re-rolling misfires, instant destruction. Then swamp the breaches with cavlary while over running the other walls multiple units of 25 free company with 5 ladders (150pts per unit). Victory i promise

rufus sparkfire:
While I take your point that engineers can be useful in sieges (something I hadn't really considered as I have never played one), I think you may be misreading the reroll rules. An engineer must join a single warmachine to use his reroll, and can only reroll one dice per turn - you can't just stand him near several cannons and reroll for whichever one misfires I'm afraid.

Good article, Rufus.  I agree that the poor Engineer is simply not worth taking.  I would like him to be, and even bought one anyhow because I like the idea, but all he really can do is Speculum or save a cannon on occasion and for a hero slot and 55 pts I'd rather spend 100 for another cannon.  I would like to see them as useful as the Dwarf equivalent.


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