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So I just read the Blood Bowl rulebook for the first time last night and damn, I want to play some fantasy football!!!  My question is when the hell is GW going to get off their expletives and put out a new range of teams, I've done some checking around the net and there is tons of independent support for this game.  I don't think they ever will, but in my opinion they're missing out on some business, because I think they would see some heavy sales with a new edition of the game and teams that didn't make 4th edition look modern.  Anyhow what do you all think?  Do you like the game, play it, want a new model range or am I off my rocker? :::cheers:::

Thing is, a player will only need one team. That's twelve models for each BB player. Compared to the cost of creating like 8 new BB teams and the number of people who will actually bother buying new miniatures when they already have a team/people willing to get into the game(not that many!), it probably wouldn't be worth it. Still though, it might be because of their current economic pickle. GW have often released seemingly unprofitable models before, so hopefully when the company gets back on its feet specialist games will get more attention.

Von Breden:
When they stopped Fanatic, didn't they say they would soon start supporting the Specialist Games again and that Blood Bowl was first on the list?

I don't know, but it's been a good while since they stopped fanatic.

There are some Online Blood Bowl games that you can play easily.

I didn't care for the game.  But that's just me.


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