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Hi all.
I'm looking to start playing Blood Bowl.
However, I have no idea what differences between teams are, and suchlike.
Any advice?  :-D

Mathias von Hochland:
Step 1 - Download the Living Rulebook
Step 2 - Read the Living Rulebook
Step 3 - Realise the Bloodbowl Universe and the Warhammer Universe are two separate universes
Step 4 - Get some friends together so you can all learn to play the game together and start a league.
Step 5 - ???
Step 6 - Profit

That's all you need to know, I think. In the teams' section in the rulebook it says which teams are best for beginners and wot-not; equally, if you are very new to the game it might be an idea to use just the "basic rules" for the first few games just to get used to the game mechanic before going on to do all the fancy stuff; there are some quite convoluted rules I feel.

Hope I helped :icon_cool:

The local gaming club I joined last week has 11 listed Blood Bowl players, so no problem there.
There's a downloadable rulebook?
Awesome! Thanks!  :::cheers:::

There's also quite a few leagues out there, see if there's one near you.  You can also find lots of downloads available to help you make your own instead of buying it somewhere.

I'm working on building a Dungeonbowl game, virtually same rules.

The beauty of it is you can use whatever mini's you like as well as most of the leagues aren't GW sponsored. 

There's definitely 3 tiers of teams, with some much more likely to win while others are destined to be 'the opponents' ie "Stunty" teams (Halflings, gobbo's etc).  Do not start with these ones.

Very addictive game though.  I've never played it without laughing.

I'm looking at converting a Skaven team, what tier would you say they're at?  :-P


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