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Johan Willhelm:
So my bid (indeed my literal eBay bids) to get into Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay have halted for a time, partially due to a lack of moolah to do it properly and partially as it seems they're rereleasing it shortly. Anywho despite almost no background in CCG I was looking into Warcry and thought it looked rather spiffy. Just want to know what people think of it, good bad etc.

Oh and can you still purchase it?

What would I need?

Link to the wiki:

Lord Quiran de Lancastre:
the game came out when I was running a gaming store in southern california. The company sent some reps to show us how it worked and tried to get us to carry it.

Personally I didn't care for it. The mechanics are rather simple and it seems to lack the kind of timing and strategy that MTG requires.

I remember that the first decks that came out, one of them could beat all the others regardless of the draw provided you played it right.

Just not my cup of tea.

Johan Willhelm:
Cheers for that man.

It seems with but one response and that wasn't glowing I may well look elsewhere for my pleasures, cheers again!  :happy:


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