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Show us your knights!!!

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Fantastic knights Wolfenbaum. Converting and painting is wonderfull... :eusa_clap: :eusa_clap:
Very interisting idea about chaos horse knights Steveb  :::cheers:::


Silvero could you tell me how you painted those blazing sun knights, especailly how to make the black look metallic.

I am sorry blazing-sun but there is no recipe :icon_sad: :icon_sad:.
The knight´s armor was first painted by Shining Gold but than I realized to paint it by pure Chaos Black with gold lining.
So it probably looks like some mix but it isn´t. Maybe try to mix Chaos Black with Chainmail or just drybrush it with Chainmail....


anybody have that pic of the gorgeous knights that used the emporer's champ, the emporer's standard bearer and the captain's horses??


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