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Things I would like to have changed
« on: February 18, 2010, 04:57:35 PM »
Hi all!

As you will notice I posted this on several of the major topics (Lord, Core,...) because I would like a lot changed in 8th edition. It is clear that for empire players it is hard to compete against the newer armies like Daemons or Skaven or even Dark elves...

So, to start with the Lords:
General of the Empire:
- CHANGE THE NAME BACK TO ELECTOR COUNT!! (its much cooler :p)
- + 1Ws and + 1A would be nice (because with this stats his just a captain with a good LD)

Arch Lector:
- Also +1Ws and +1A
- can join flaggelant units

Wizard Lord: OK

Templar Grand Master:
- Make it a real combat character: raising his attacks and Ws would be nice
- If TGM is the army general, inner circle knights should be core

Captain: OK

Battle Wizard: OK

- Same as AL: let him join flaggelant units

Master Engineer:
- Give him +1 BS, at least (how logic is it that the master engineer, after years of training and studying, can't shoot as good as an outrider champion?)
- Can "mount" a steamtank (for ofcourse 300pts and an extra rare slot): re-roll dice for steam points generation or artillerydice (something like that)

(imagine whatever you liek for him, something between captain and priest)