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Things I would like to have changed
« on: February 18, 2010, 05:07:30 PM »
Hi all!

Here are the things i would like to have changed from the core units:

Swordsmen: OK
Halberdiers: OK
Spearmen: OK
Crossbowmen: OK
Archers: OK

- nobody else takes panic tests fo fleeing militia

- give us back the +d6 range in first turn

Knightly orders:
- inner circle core in case of a grand master
- white wolves should have their cavary hammers back (the old ones: +2S on charge and further +1S)
- maybe a system witht he different orders like the marks of chaos (in a chaos army); e.g.: reiksguard ignore panic, white wolves the old hammers (or basic S4), knights panther immune to psychology on the charge, such kind of things (of course for some points extra depending on the benefit you get)

- minimum unit size 5 instead of 10