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Tacticas for W-E: Warriors of Chaos

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This is the draft thread for the W-E Tactica against Warriors of Chaos.  Generlisimo is currently working on it.  If you have comments for the things posted here, go ahead.  Any help will be appreciated.


Nicholas Bies:

This is annoying. I play against WoC almost every week but with my Delves not Empire so can't really help except to tell people what "works" in the WoC list

Don't worry about it Ben. there are many parts to a tactica. The first part we should focus on is identifying all the units in the list, their strengths and weaknesses. You can definitely contribute to that.

I have played against them a number of times with my Empire, and most of the time I win, or am very close to winning.
Though generally these are not the monster heavy lists they can create, but a mix of marauders, warriors, knights hell cannon and magic.

Have a shot.


SO, you have probably seen and heard about this army, played against a couple of times or more, now I will try to focus on identifying   the units in the list, their advantages and disadvantages.( It is my first tactica so if I forget something assist me.)


WARRIORS OF CHAOS: maybe the best close combat core choice in the game ,their main core unit. Their impressive stats and equipment makes them   really   hard hitting units that don t relay on ranks or the outnumber to win the day, but just by killing stuff and staying alive.       
M  WS  BS   S  T  W  I  A  Ld  . As you can see they are preaty good.
 4     5     3   4  4   1   5  2   8 

Standar equipment: hand weapon, chaos armor.
Must choose   at least one of these: shields (for survivability) , additional hand wepons ( for more killing power on lightly armor troops), great weapons ( knights be awerd), halberds (2 S5 can be good against some armies)
Cost: 15 points each and their above equipment 1 point each (great weapon is 2)
Also :they can take a mark of Nurgle,  Khorne ,Tzeentch, Slaanesh  only one of them of course . I will explain the marks later.And a magic standar   up to 50  points.  They also have THE WILL OF CHAOS special rule that allows them to reroll failed panic tests , so don’t think that you can scare them of easily.

MARUDERS: they are also a favored core choice to a lot of WoC players due to their flexibility and  the fact being cheap.(at least compared with warriors of chaos)
M  WS  BS   S  T  W  I  A  Ld  . The same as our swordsmen
 4     4   3     3    3  1   4  1  7

Standar equipment: hand weapon.
They may take any of these: shields, flails (that’s  killy), great weapons, light armor
Cost: 4 points per model, 
Also: they can take a mark of any god  and have THE WILL OF CHAOS special rule too.

CHAOS HOUNDS:  these are really great diverters , war machine-killers, meat shields ,flank chargers, all in one.
M  WS  BS   S  T  W  I  A  Ld 
7      4    0    3  3  1   3  1   5

Cost : 6 points

May take poisoned attacks, scaly skin  ( but noone takes them because they are expensive and needless)
Also: they have THE WILL OF CHAOS too

MARAUDER HORSMEN: the fast cavalry that is more  expensive than the hounds but more realable  on its own.
M  WS  BS  S  T  W  I  A  Ld
4    4      3   3  3  1   4 1    7     marauder
8   3            3                            worhorse

Cost:13 points

May take: shields,flails,spears,javelins,throwing axes, light armor(no longer fast cavalry if light armor). 
Also: they can take a mark too.and have WIll OF CHAOS and they can reroll the 3d6 to pursuit a fleeing unit.

So these are the core units of WoC, I am working on the special now (they have quite a lot) , after I finish briefing I will post tactics that most generals use and how to overcome them.
At first glance the Chaos Warriors are too much for an empire state troop, but if the right units are chosen and right movement takes place with some consentrated fired they are nothing more than big metal walking scared guys that the empire has to teach them a lesson.

These are all great core choices, but you probably noticed something. No shooting units, at all….. WoC have no protection at all from range combat (except magic that is).

Hundgunners hurt the chaos armor , used as full plate, giving only a +5 armor save if the warriors have shields, +6 if they use an other weapon. So start shooting them before you engage them in close combat, don t have any expectations to panic them though, it rarely happens. When they reach to charge you, you must remember something: Sigmar and static combat resolution will help.
Always  have a combat detachment ( swordsmen are the best for this job) to get a flank bonus and negate ranks if any,  having the detachment 3x3 is important because if a lot of chaos warriors are able to attack the detachment   they will get a nasty bonus by kills! Also you will need to have space to perform a counter charge, a smart player will use hounds or cheap marauders to stop the detachment from counter charging, sometimes even beating it in close combat and charge  on the parent unit next turn  on the flank . You should find this small units and use small arms fire on them like  archers or crossbowmen. Archers work great as diverters so just start  blocking and shooting.  Good units in the empire army that can perform well against   warriors are: Swordsmen with swordsmen detachment (full ranks banners outnumber flank, 5 SCR for you), nilla  knights for counter charging on the flanks of engaged units, hundgunners, pistoliers( just run behind him and march block – shoot them down), if you have the slot Outriders can be fairly good since they can t be attacked by afar and every one counts as 3 hundgunners, a hellstorm could be also devastating if you get lucky.
So soften them up and cut them down then

Marauders are preaty much the same tactic , shoot and engage, but a lot of times you find this guys as diverters or counter chargers ( used as or detachments, of course without the rules but the strategy is the same, charge with the warriors ,hold, charge with the marauders). Good units are the above and mortars can kill them easily  too , don’t underastemate them and always find space to maneuvere  and get the charges and supporting charges that you desire.

Hounds are pretty much meat shields for expensive knight units that sometimes have frenzy,  If you are on a hill just ignore them and shoot the knights, but in other cases, shoot the hounds, one or two dead and you can see the knights behind them to shoot them with your dirty stuff. If they are used as bait and flee tactics, shoot them with archers and then bait and flee yourself, if he charges your archers with the hounds flee . Also always keep an eye on them for charges at your flanks or they might stop your detachments like the marauders above.

The marauder horsemen are no much for an empire general, with so many shooting choices we can devastate them in one round of crossbow shooting, if I knew that I would play against empire I wouldn’t t use them, since they are too expensive  compared with the hounds or marauders for diverting and counter charging.

Next update will be the special rules and special choices.....


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