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Tacticas for W-E: Warriors of Chaos

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Generalisimo hit on a lot of good stuff.  I tried to break the list out by key players that you'll likely face.  Characters and the big scary monsters are mostly out, as of yet, but the meaningful core and special choices are here, complete with my attempt at strengths and weaknesses.

Please feel free to comment!  (Long post... let me know if I should break it up?)

Key Units for the WoC Player:
Warriors of Chaos:
As stated above, these are hard-as-nails core troops.  They are expensive, but with the 2+ in CC, they don’t die easily.  Further, their equipment and mark options are great.
Fantastic armor save combined with 2 WS 5, S 4 attacks.  Even when packing a sword and shield, they are phenomenal troops.  Given a halberd permits the option for S5 attacks striking at an initiative of 5.  They will go first and crack you in turns after they hold.
As one can imagine, they greatly benefit from extra soldiers attacking.  Common runs are 6x2 or 7x2.  Their price makes 3 rank units rare.
Independently, they have very little to worry about aside from marks.  However, they are amazing in the presence of specific banners.  Banner of the Gods makes ‘em stubborn on ld 8 (and with a reroll since this one’s a BSB flag) and the Banner of rage can give them frenzy.
Watch out for the raging warriors with 3 attacks and a 2+ save.  They’ll win.  A lot.
We’ve got these guys rocked when it comes to range.  Even packing shields, they’re going to be at a 5+ against our powder weaponry.  Take advantage of it.  If you can march block them with pistoliers, do so.  They are infantry and if they can’t march, they are not an issue until turn 4.
Along that vein, however, they need to be a target.  With all of the rough stuff in a chaos list that can close quickly (i.e. knights) it is all too easy to ignore the warriors.  I’ve banked on that several times and had my 12 man unit swing the game to my favor in the second half.

Knights of Chaos:
A special choice that is always in a game.  At 40pts base, these guys carry a hefty pricetag and a hefty hit.  They’re like our knights, but WS 5, S 5 (always), T4, I5, and A2.  They have magical attacks and a 1+ armor save.  They can break a ranked unit in the front and have the staying power to make an impact after the combat progresses.
Units of 6 are common and a full command is usually taken.  Common banners include a war banner, the Blasted Standard which gives them a 5+ ward  against shooting and magic missiles, and the Banner of Rage for the frenzy (Nurgle + Frenzy = big, baitable, pain).
A lot of ‘Duh...’ points here.  They are combat monsters with great saves and the ability to wail in combat.  They will hit often and wound often.  They are reliable and a mainstay of the army.  They are heavy cav at its finest (Sorry, Bretonnia...).
As with the warriors, they benefit greatly from marks.  In tourney play, the most common are Nurgle (-1 to hit from shooting, -1WS to those attacking [note that this isn’t for defending – it doesn’t make the knights hit you more easily]) and Slaanesh (ItP).  Nurgle knights are formidible due to their resistance to shooting... makes it that much easier to get them into combat.
They don’t have a lot of weaknesses, though the high point cost keeps them to 2 units, max, on the field (usually).  That helps.  These small number units really mean that every casualty counts, though, and it only takes one failed save...
Volume is the key to killing knights.  You need to hit them with a lot.  Usually that means magic or shooting.
Handgunners, war machines (cannons are especially good as they don’t require to-hit rolls so they ignore the mark of Nurgle!), and magic are awesome.  Lore of metal will eat these guys for breakfast.  Even the single kill at a time will be significant.  That 1+ AS turns into a str 7 hit with no save, if memory serves.  Zot!
Try to bog them in our unbreakables – Flaggelants work very well – or stubborn units.  The Griffon banner will help us to stick around for another combat, or two, and might set up a flank charge.
Beware hitting them in the flanks with soft targets (infantry) if they are engaged with something solid (knights).  One knight swinging at a soft flank can easily gain extra CR.

Marauder Horsemen:
The unit, itself, is VERY versatile.  I expect them to become more used as light cav (not fast cav) if 8th edition comes to fruition in terms of cavalry rules and marching.  With an 8 Mv and great weapon options, these will be a tactical nightmare for the generally static Empire line.
The most common marks you’ll see on these are Slaanesh (ItP) and Khorne.  Slaanesh horsemen generally operate as harassers.  Khorne horsemen are missiles.  With flails, they’ve got some serious warheads, too.
A unit of 6 khornate horsemen with flails has a 16” charge, 12 str 5 attacks from the dudes and 12 str 3 attacks from the horses (frenzy works on the mounts, too).  That is enough to shred a lot.  Ogres break.  Men break.  Elves break (except HE... ASF can be sick against no AS, low T models).  At 120 points, they are expendable and used pretty widely.
Expect to see at least 2 units of marked horsmen in every army.
No armor, T 3.  They die quickly.  A few rounds of shooting, and they’re gone.  Cool.
If they have the mark of Slaanesh, then they are immune to psych... that means they cannot flee.  If they are so marked, they are immune to panic (bonus of them), but they lose the fast cav value of bait and flee.  Same goes for Khorne.
If they are vanilla horsemen, then psychology is great.

Chaos Chariot:
Every bad-guy army has to have one...
One of the most resilient chariots in the game.  120 points of T5, 3+AS chariot with S 5 and scythed wheels.  Top it with 2 warriors with halberds and you add another 4 S5 attacks to the mix.  I’ve never seen one break a ranked unit by itself, but it’s come awfully close.
Most popular mark for this unit is definitely Slaanesh.  Like every other unit, they’re vulnerable to psychology.  As tourney play is dominated by terror and fear causers, the ItP is a must.  It is also a bummer when your meat-shield warhounds flee and panic a line.  Bait and flee tactics work very well in an ItP battle line...
Like every other chariot, S 7 will pop them.  We don’t have a lot, but cannons work wonders if the chaos chariot presents itself and the steam tank’s cannon can work in a pinch.  Small arms fire can drag it down, as can prolonged combats.  Without the impact hits, it’ll wear you down, but will likely lose by 1-2 every round.
Don’t let them team up.  A chariot plus another unit (horsemen, for example), can be devastating.

With the addition of Throgg and the benefits of the Eye of the Gods (EotG) tied to mutant regeneration, these stupid creatures become much more effective.
Big one is the mutant regeneration.  For every 2 wounds regenerated, the unit gets a roll on the EotG table.  This can create a truly terrifying unit in short order.  I’ve even seen very large units of trolls for this very reason.  A unit of 8-10 trolls is as expensive as a solid unit of chaos knights, but has 24-30 wounds to eat through.  That is a LOT of regeneration rolls.  In short, they can quickly become stubborn trolls with a 4+ ward save, T5, S6, etc.  If you’re going to go after them, try and make it big.  These rolls come at the end of the phase.
Vomit is a killer against our knights and steam tank.  No armor save, auto-hit.  A big unit of trolls = a lot of vomit.  Our T 3 knights melt (literally) under this assault.  Be aware that it is there and choose your units well.  The 3, S 5 attacks is nothing to slouch at, either.  Trolls are nasty.
First and foremost, they are stupid.  With Throgg or their general, they will probably be Ld 8.  That still gives you a decent shot at them doing nothing but stumbling forward.  Doesn’t matter if they are in combat, but a liability to the WoC player early in the game.  Without the Ld bump, they sit at Ld 4.  Drool.
Secondarily, they have no armor.  They will take wounds to shooting.  The EotG table is fickle and only gives a 1/36 chance for the Stubborn, 4+ ward.  We’ve got the tools, so we should use them.
Thirdly, their weapon skill is only 3.  They’ll be hitting on 4’s against most things.
As a final, obvious note – the lore of fire wins.
Subnote on Throgg:
Throgg is a new special character that makes trolls core and allows every monster in the list (only important for trolls) to use his leadership.  He is a beefier troll with 2 tricks – his vomit does 1d6 hits (ouch!) and once per game he can vomit a breath weapon template.  Very potent.  He’s pretty popular in tourney play.

It seems that most armies have their ‘Death Star’ unit – one which houses several characters and is nigh un-beatable.  For WoC, Chosen typically become this unit.  They are expensive chaos warriors with benefits...
Everything from the warrior comments above count.  Further, they have a free EotG roll at the beginning of the game.  They start out with something.  To make matters worse, their champions can take gifts/items worth up to 25 pts.  There is a 5 pt gift called Favor of the Gods which allows them to +/- 1 on the roll.  This means that they will probably start with something good.  Not surprising to find an extra T or S unit running around.  They also increase to a 1/12 chance to start with Stubborn/4+ ward.  That shows up, and you’ve got a rock, albeit a very expensive one.
You will often see them in armies with a warshrine – a rare choice which acts like a really hard speed bump and can give a unit an EotG roll every turn.
Again, same as warriors.  They are also expensive enough that you’ll rarely see them in units larger than 12.  They also still have to walk to you...

Chaos Ogres:
Nothing too special about these guys.
They can upgrade to Chaos Armor.  This gives them a 4+ armor save.  Not bad for an ogre.  With great weapons, this option brings them to a whopping 50 points each.  Otherwise their statline is just like an ogre.  Ld 8, I believe.

Dragon Ogres:
These are another hammer in an army of hammers...
These are fast, high wound monsters with a huge damage output potential.  Their attacks per frontage is higher than a knight with 4 attacks each.  Their 4 wounds make them hardy, as does their 4+ armor save.  Top it off with a Mv of 7 and you have a legitimate threat.
Common setup involves great weapons which brings them to the sought-for S 7.
D. ogres are common in units of 3-4 and are too pricey to go past that.  Knights often win the competition for Special slots due to resilience.
Despite having a decent armor for such a high strength model, it is still only a 4+.  With the T 4, they make phenomenal targets for all shooting attacks.  If you engage, try to utilize detachments for counter charges.  They are soft enough that even free company will inflict some damage.  Halbediers might be a better choice, but a couple of wounds is a couple of wounds.
You also can’t discount their cost.  These guys come in at 75+pts each with great weapons... a little soft for the VPs!

There are more... I’ll try to break down some of the other oddities when time permits.

Thanks for the help anvalous, hope you continue.

I will not talk about the special choices of WoC, except forsaken that anvalous forsaken,

Forsaken: another close combat hitter as a special choice. 
Strengths: they are faster than normal chaos warriors, these guys have M 6, so they may surprise your infantry with a charge, and quite a lot of attacks, D3+1 each at S4,  usually used on a unit of 12 they can dish out 24 Ws4 S4 attcks!
Weaknesses: They don t wear  chaos armor, only heavy armor, so no save by a handgun shot, And their T 4  doesn t help them either,  they are not as good as the chosen due to their unpredictability  but they are not as expensive either at 18 points. Of course they will not break a full ranked up unit on the charge, but don t let them charge you with a combination (eg. horsemen or a chariot). You may not see them on tournaments  but  they can be fun to play against and with.They are not able to take a mark (forsaken by the gods) so don t be afraid by that.

This whole "marauders don't have armor" creep is upsetting to see...

Buy them armor dammit!!

Agree. Light armour and a shield. They are actually decent that way - hell they are Empire Swordsmen! I don't know why Chaos players never use these guys for cheap static CR.

Nicholas Bies:
I wouldn't bother. I'd take 10 with MoK and flails. like 80pts or 100pts who cares if they get done and pack a nasty punch in combat.


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