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Warhammer Empire monthly painting competition - 2011 - Entries Thread

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By popular demand, W-E is organising a monthly painting competition, with a different subject for every month.
Deadline is always the last day of the month at midnight(GMT+1).
Entries will be judged by a panel of specialists, mainly to allow participants to show WIP on the regular forums. If the panel cannot reach a decision, a public vote will be organised, using the panels' shortlist. The results of every competition will be made public at the very latest at the end of the month following its deadline.
Themes for 2011 :
March : State trooper (due March 31st)
April : Engineer
May : Knight (of knightly order)
June : Warrior Priest
July : Imperial citizen (this is actually a free for all thing, since every soldier is a citizen)
August : Command group.
September : Imperial Large target (Steamtanks and War Altars)
October : Free company (5 figures)
November : Army standard bearer
December : Imperial General
The categories not included in this list (eg wizard...) will get their turn next year.

Entries can be made by replying in this thread. Maximum of 3 entries per forum member(Sorry Steveb).

  NO OTHER REPLIES HERE PLEASE, or I disqualify you !

Good luck and happy painting to all !   

Entry One

Entry Two

Entry Three

Here is my (first?) entry

March Painting Competition: State Trooper


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