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confusion of choosing my army
« on: September 21, 2011, 02:56:34 PM »
I am new to Warhammer FB and, of course, Empire Army. I have played 4 games but only won once.

In my old army list, I have 10 Knightly Order and 20 Greatswords. I tried to charge them into close combat, I thought that they could made good result through high armor save, high weapon skill and high strength. Finally, however, I found that I was wrong. They may even be defeat by the troop which is WS3 and S3.

Then, I have realized that Empire army are not good at close combat as well as WoC or Orc. Because of this, I am now writting a army list that focus on range force. I will have two handgunners team with Hochland, great cannon, rocket and steam tank. To protect my range troop, I would like to have some fighting troop.

I will put my army near  the table side as possible. If I put Knightly Order in my army, I can hold enemy in early turn, but that mean I cannot shoot them in the least game untill they or my Knightly Order are fleeing from close combat. If I put Greatsword, it may be good because of the special rule Stubborn. However, I cannot have a big block due to the core points requirement.

So now I decided to have about 40 swordsmen to protect my range troop and war machine. 40 is a big number, however, swordsmen have only 5+ armor + 6+ save and S3, which is a half of Knightly Order and Greatsword (nearly). I am afraid that they will make the thing even worse than Knightly Order and Greatsword.

I am now confusing about which to choose to build my army and I would like to hear your suggestion. I am from Asia and I can only read and write normal level English. If I did anything wrong, please let me know. At last, I will be grateful if you can use a simple way to explain your idea.

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Re: confusion of choosing my army
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Well it always helps to do the maths before charging anything. Best even before deploying.

Important in 8th edition warhammer is that you donīt strike first if you charge and that you can strike even when you take casualties from your first two ranks (three if you are a horde).

So the best baseline infantry we now have are Halberdiers ....lots of em. A unit of 44+Sigmar Priest (re rolls to hit) is very good even in close combat. Still we would lose against most close combat oriented armies like orcs and warriors if chaos if you pit point vs point against each other.

What helps is our artillery which is very very good at their point cost.

I would suggest 2 cannons for each of your armies to take down large monsters, characters and elite infantry. You can also add in one or two mortars to fire at goblins, marauders and other light to medium infantry.

Greatswords and knights are still ok but you need to support them either by an infantry bus (large unit in the regular 5 wide formation) or by magic (greatswords profit immensly from lore of life).