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Monthly painting Contest : December announcement !

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The assignment for December is : Imperial General.

Mind you, this could be an Arch Lector, Grand Master or even a wizard.
Important thing is that it's clear that he leads an army, so that must show from his pose or attire.

Happy painting !

Entries can be posted here, as soon as November is closed.

I think I'll give this a go despite my poor camera skills.

I disagree , Fbjorn, Kirgan  and Darknight had better works than Cjp. This judge of yours must be blind. :roll:

The results are in; Congratulations cjp! And everyone else who entered - wonderful to see all the models!

Congratulations to CJP, and to you too Darknight, for a very strong entry!

I'm also very impressed by Fbjorn's consistently high standard over several months.

Thanks to Soth for arranging this!

So... wizard on foot then...


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