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State Troops, Auxiliaries, and Drills
« on: September 07, 2010, 05:25:54 AM »
Parents and Detachments work just as they do now.

Crossbowmen, Handgunners, Archers, and Free Company may choose to deploy as Auxiliaries instead of as Independent units. They must be initially deployed within 3" of any Parent or any Independent State Troops unit.

- They don't cause Panic
- They may Support Fire for any parent or independent unit within 6", as long as they have LoS
- They do not use parent's leadership, cannot Countercharge or Support Charge
- They can purchase unit upgrades and are not limited to detachment sizes

The bonus seems minimal, but it's a way to emphasize the rigorous training of these troops. Not all supporting assets need to be tied down to any particular unit from the start, they should be deployable anywhere they're necessary. Gives the Empire player a bit more tactical flexibility in a little-used (or perhaps just overlooked) aspect of the army.

These are specific orders issued by the unit leader (requires unit champion, if a detachment then it requires parent unit to have a champion or a character). Militia cannot perform these drills. Requires Leadership test to succeed and can be cancelled at any time. Lasts one turn and each unit is limited to one drill per turn.

Marching Orders - Make all Enemy Sighted! rolls for that turn at +1 Leadership.
Hold! Hold!... FIRE! - Stand and Shoot is resolved at short range.
Shields up! - Requires shields in the majority of models in the unit. Reduce unit's Weapon Skill by 1 and raise Armour Save by 1. Unit cannot Charge or March this turn.
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Re: State Troops, Auxiliaries, and Drills
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great ideas

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Re: State Troops, Auxiliaries, and Drills
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I've noticed GW has been trying to each army a "flavor" with the new books.  I think this would fit that approach perfectly as the Empire has always been emphasized as having a well drilled and professional army that took advantage of unique and flexible infantry tactics.  Bravo!


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Re: State Troops, Auxiliaries, and Drills
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Well, this kinda goes along with the shield orders, but what if you could do that Roman Legion thing, the Tortoise I think. Shields on all sides, no flanks or rear, -1 Weapon Skill, +1 armor, half movement, no charge or marching

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Re: State Troops, Auxiliaries, and Drills
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Am just reading the auxiliaries part and I find you really have a point when saying that shooting infantry should be able to give support fire to any parent unit or independent unit within 6" if they have LOS. The Cause no panic could be reduced that they do cause panic if the shooting unit is bigger than the fighting unit being in the 'panic taking area'. Indeed in 10 swordsmen saw 30 handgunners making a break for it it would make them more eager to do the same... So for me our shooting units should only change on the part of giving the support fire. Actually, that would make it more likely to sacrifice a big shooting unit's own shooting phase in order to move out of range of a charging threat and still have a shooting possibility in our opponents turn. It would also make a musician in handgunners and crossbowmen more worth while...
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