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Warhammer Empire monthly painting competition - 2012 - Entries Thread

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In view of the successes of last year, the painting competition continues.

Themes for 2012 :
Februari : Wizard on foot (Due March 1st)
March : Templar Grand Master
April : War machine
May : 5 missile troops
June : Unit filler
July : Wizard Wagon/War Altar
August : Special character on foot or horseback
September : Character on Griffon
October : Imperial terrain piece
November : Scene from the train of army followers
December : Season's holidays in the Empire.

The categories not included in this list (eg siege cannon...) will get their turn second half of the year, hopefully after their release in June (rumoured).

Entries can be made by replying in this thread. Maximum of 3 entries per forum member(Sorry Steveb).

NO OTHER REPLIES HERE PLEASE, or I disqualify you !

Good luck and happy painting to all !

First out my very blue Celestial Wizard


Wizzards on foot – sorry I tried to do a Wizzard but they were all busy down at UU, something needed their attention in the Refectory.  But these kind ‘young’ ladies  offered to help out.

Magrat Garlick - The Maiden

Mrs Gytha Ogg - The Mother

Mistress Esmerelda Weatherwax - The Other One

Mods can delete if they feel this entry doesn’t fulfil the criteria.

This guy is a converted version of a model marketed as: "Dostovius Hillmage".  :-)

Le Pistolet:
I presume entries don't have to have been specially painted for the competition, as I rarely paint nowadays... I'll enter anyway with my two Wizards.

Grubart the Grey (Hedge Wizard)

Arthritiknes (Celestial Wizard)


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