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Today many websites are protesting SOPA which  is an anti-piracy bill working its way through the American Congress.  Since many of our visitors are from other regions outside the USA and have no voice to confront this restrictive legislation it would be pointless to join the protest and shut down for a day.  I do plead with my fellow Americans visiting the site,  contact your representatives and share your thoughts with them on SOPA, the more they hear from you, the less likely they will support such an ugly proposal.



I have already blasted emails to all my state's leadership.

I heard that Google (and twitter + facebook I think) was planning on shutting down for 24 hours in protest. SOPA is a perfect example of how lobbying activites in politics almost allways lead to bad/stupid things.

Google has. Reddit also. Wikipedia, Craigslit, imgur, xkcd, QC, cyanide and happiness....

The discussion thread can be found here.


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