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Tactica: Balancing an Empire Army

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Fantastic read. The section on the possible combinations really put to paper what always runs through my mind when designing lists, and it has inspired me to do new things. Thank you for your time and effort.

The very best part:

--- Quote ---6.   Conclusion.
As a conclusion, I am confident that the present Army Book allows many different combinations, with an emphasis either on infantry or cavalry (both belonging to the same melee category) and plenty of choices inside these categories.
There's no single successful way.
You can try your own.
Have fun!
--- End quote ---

Now to get this stickied!  :closed-eyes:

Thanks for the kind comments.
Hopefully this will incite to make creative lists rather than beaten track ones.

Added 1.6 to 1.9, and 4.2, about specialization in different killing jobs - very important not to forget about!

Just spent a long time reading this from start to finish - genuinely superb. There's a lot of great advice here, and the breakdown is exhaustive (in a good way). I have tried a lot of ways of playing the Empire, and have been playing for over 15 years, but I haven't compiled my tactics, what worked and what didn't, etc. . Thankfully you have done it for me!

I'll be returning to this often.

Top post, few years old but still relevant :)

Great read, thanks!


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