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Gorgash Redfang:
Just a thread for Empire "fluff", scenery, buildings etc, etc..... bring them out!

Just a sample.......... I made terrain for every army i have ever had, helps me get into the theme of it.

I will post more pics soon  :icon_lol:
A lot were made from the old Warhammer Terrain book...


--- Quote from: Gorgash Redfang on June 10, 2012, 11:17:36 PM ---A lot were made from the old Warhammer Terrain book...

--- End quote ---

OMG, I had that long ago. You could fill a table with all of what they included. Are your buildings above just painted & detailed right on the ones from the book? Nice job!

Albrecht Hexenjaeger:
That's a great book! While most of the buildings I built from that are long since crushed, the outhouse and the doghouse from that set live on! And all the little posters and signs are all over my newer buildings! Great stuff! :::cheers:::

I'll just post a pic of each  :smile2: Chronological order!

And some group shots!

Oh, and this one! :D

There, that's the building section  :smile2:


White Knight:
Bookmarked for future reference!  :icon_biggrin:

Mine so far:


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