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Monthly painting Contest : July announcement !

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The competition for July is upon us !

With the new wave of models, we had to pick one of these, didn't we ? So we decided upon the wizard wagon as the new theme.

Be it a Luminark, Huricanum or War Altar, pick one of the new chariots and get working on it ! A month isn't a long time for one of these, but since some of you will have holidays, it should work out.

Now get cracking !

So, only a new war altar is allowed?  Or would an older war-altar or a custom design that is not one of the new models be eligible?

Anything that fits the description will do.

mr chumley warner:
can i submit my Luminark images from 2 months ago?

A valid question indeed, Chumley - I suspect there are a couple of us who want to know that :)


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