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New management of the Tactica Board


Big changes are occurring across the site.  While the changes to the off topic boards have received the most attention, we are adjusting staff responsibilities and adding positions.

First among them is the raising of Holy Hand Grenade to the position of Imperial Tactician.  His Tactical Decision threads have been remarkable and entertaining.  His dedication to presenting and managing these has been wonderful to watch.  His new position gives him control over the Tactica board and the threads within.  In the coming months we hope to get the tacticas organized and updated, as well.  His tactical decision threads will reside there and allow him to better control and manage the events.

Congratulations to Holy Hand Grenade!

Hail HHG! :Ohmy:

Bring it out


--- Quote from: warhammerlord_soth on December 06, 2012, 07:52:45 AM ---Bring it out

--- End quote ---

I couldn't stop laughing with this one!  :eusa_clap:

Congrats HHG!


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