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Continuing our reorganization, we present you with The Royal Tomb.  The Royal Tomb is the newly visible archive for the site.  Many boards from the past have now been made available viewing.  Among them are the various campaigns run here on the site!  The Royal Tomb is read only, but the contributions of the past are now open to everyone.  Enjoy!

More changes are on the way, pay close attention to the Altdorf Press for further information.

Not having been around for the infamous Ostermark Succession campaign, I'd always been curious.  Thanks for releasing the info!

Some initial comments ...

It seems the newsletter links go nowhere.

Saw one poster with an avatar that included having his middle finger up, lovely.

Is there a campaign map somewhere?

And so far for fluff, this story was particularly interesting ...

And this from Rufus ...

--- Quote ---Hmmm, it's interesting to compare different accounts of Mannfred's death.

Zainer states in his Discourse on the Accursed Dead that the vampire was attempting to flee the battle on his chariot (which is in itself odd, since nowhere else is there mention of the use of such vehicles by the von Carstiens), when Graf Martin simply struck off his head. From behind, no less.

De Montferrat's Campaigning in the Wretched North claims that a lucky shot by a mercenary crossbowman transfixed the count through the heart, just as he was about to deal the death blow to Graf Martin. One should be wary of believing a Tilean, however.

Hagenberg records the traditional Stirland version in his work Martin, Saviour of The Empire. I'm sure we are all familiar with this overblown, yet stirring, text.

And then we have Breytenbach, who in his monograph The Light of Truth: a History of Ostermark during the Vampire Wars, alledges that Ostermarker soldiers surrounded and overwhelmed Mannfred by sheer determination and courage, finally slaying him at the cost of more than two thirds of their number. The cartoon of Graf Martin posing over the slain vampire, pointedly ignoring the heaps of dead Ostermarkers, is especially telling.

Interesting that such a recent and important event should be so confused in the reporting.
--- End quote ---

Great stuff! :::cheers:::

rufus sparkfire:

--- Quote from: GamesPoet on December 08, 2012, 03:59:01 PM ---It seems the newsletter links go nowhere.

--- End quote ---

There was a separate website, which did indeed have a map, the newsletters, and lots of fluff. But it's gone!

There will be broken links throughout the Tomb.  That is what happens to the dead!  The older they are, the more holes appear!


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