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Bluffing and other Bollocks in Fantasy Battle


Want to get inside of your opponents head?  Read this exciting new article by Simon Dent:

rufus sparkfire:
An amusing and interesting article, though as it says some of the more dubious techniques described are likely to put people off playing you. Bluffing is perfectly legitimate, but I think that deliberately trying to distract your opponent is going too far. Although it might be warranted against particularly obnoxious players. :)

Spot on about the 'confusing conversions' by the way.

I love it!

I'm way into the pschology part of the game myself.

Another great one is when playing dwarves, show your opponent the engineering runes and say: "This valiant rune is very handy! It makes the crew unbreakable."
Do that and you don't even need to purchase a valiant rune.

Something that really helps as well is making your opponent know you know EVERYTHING there is to know about the game and how to play it.
Obviously it helps if you do know the rules and know the scores off by heart such as: "S4, T3, I wound on 3+, your armour save is -1 (and if you know his armour save, tell him what it is too).
When he knows you know, he'll assume your game playing is outragiously great as well.
And then you've already won half the game!

Great article.


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