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Tactica: Empire All Cavalry [work in progress]

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I think in a all-cav army, the weakness of the fast cav is that they become they only good target for magic missile and small arm fire. The big advantage of an army rocking 1+ all around is to that some of the units/tools of your opponents become almost useless. Then your start the battle with an advantage.

I love pistoliers and outriders but I use them with infantry when they can zoom in front of my blocks and my opponent have to choose between the squishy hordes of state troops or the fast cav for his small arm fire.

I would like to mention one additional option for the wizard:
- beast wizard on griffon with white cloak and dispel scroll.
I think it's very not too bad in an all cav list (but go against the principle I state just above...)

For the life wizard, the option to give back wounds to the stank or demi is good since they are auto-include in the list but the regrowth is not good on knights...



Updated pistoliers, outriders, archlector and added a link to Calisson's charge range post.

@HHG Agreed! A section on banners would be excellent. I'll collect info for that and get it in there.

@Calisson - Ah, the watchtower. The WORST of the scenarios. Sometimes I just have to hammer the tower with steamtank cannon rounds, magic, and hope for the best. I typically take Heavens, so I'll comet an occupied tower as frequently as possible. One advantage of the scenario is that if your opponent occupies the tower, then they have one less unit on the board, which can make multi-charging the rest of his army easier. Clean them up, and see how the VPs stand. If the tower is unoccupied (because an all cav army can't occupy it) then I try to use the lure of the tower to set up good charges against enemy units trying to get inside. With faster, longer-charging, units, it's usually possible to set up very nice charges on any enemy unit that comes close enough to the tower to potentially occupy it.

All of that said, it's the worst scenario for all cav. No question.

Anyone have opinions on other Lores for all cav armies? Specificially looking for synergies with cav units.

Hi all. First post here. Just started to build a Empire army and have been reading the various threads for ideas. So I thought I would throw in my 2c on the wizard bunker.

Biggest Con I can see to having him in a big unit of  IC Cav is him suffering a miscast. About 90% of miscast have models that are touching the wizard, or under a small or god forbid a large template, taking at minimum a S6 hit. At worst they are taking a S10 hit. So if he is on the outside middle of the unit he is touching 5 models. Pretty much the same for a small template. A large S10 template will hit almost everybody in the unit. And that 1+ armor save will count for squat against a S10 hit. I think I would run him with some vanilla knights. Or you could run him solo behind the unit. Giving him a -2 to hit from regular BS troops. Stone throwers and such would still have to draw LOS. And he would still get a 4+ LoS roll from any fire directed at him. I guess it would just depend on which army your were facing and the amount of shooting they had.

As for lores I think Shadow is a wonderful lore for both Cav and Inf list. It has 4 spells that deal with problems we face.

Sig spell will reduce a targets WS, BS, Int or movement by D3. Or you could do the boosted version and get all of them reduced.
#2- Reduces targets S. Very handy
#3- Reduces targets T- Again very handy
#6- Mindrazer- If General near by or a high LD in unit you can be looking at S8-10. Real handy!

And spells #4 and #5, Pendulum and PoS are really nice spells. So I think Shadow is a very useful Lore for a Empire army..... :::cheers:::

just to let you know, i tried an all cav list a while back, using captains + priests in each big combat block of knights supported by a lvl4 beasts on a pegasus.
the combat buffs are ludicrous when you've got tightly packed characters together and the amber spear is an excellent cannon replacement too.
pegasus gives him excellent mobility, but he def needs that 4++

I've been thinking about trying to field my lvl 4 on his own. I just can't decide whether it's safe enough. The 4+ really helps, but one good cannon snipe and he's toast.

Beasts does seem like a good lore of cav. The -1 casting cost certainly helps. I haven't tried it, but appreciate the info. Would you be willing to comment on the other spells as well? I'd like to update the tactica with more information.


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