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Tactica: Empire All Cavalry [work in progress]

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@errantgamer - as swan-of-war stated, you can rank em however you like, you just don't get a rank bonus. I like 3x2 because they pivot nicely and manuver well.

@zifnab0  - Definitely what I asked for. I agree that placing that many characters in one unit puts a big target on it. Absolutely. That's a weakness. So, how would you write up your opinion about mage position in an advice-giving manner? I happen to strongly disagree with your position, but only because I've played a few dozen games with the set-up I proposed and found it to be very effective. Would you be willing to lay out the strengths of your suggestion?

Also, you raise an excellent point about pulling the wizard from a unit and running him solo, if there are no threats. I do this frequently, but did not put it in the tactica. I'll get that in there.

Regarding pistoliers. I'll put your thoughts up in the tactica. My biggest beef with them is their poor armor save, which makes them particularly vulnerable to magic missiles and small-arms fire. However, you make a good point about their flexibility and manuverability.


--- Quote from: sammay23 on March 04, 2013, 03:51:09 PM ---So, how would you write up your opinion about mage position in an advice-giving manner?
--- End quote ---
Wizard - you have two options for where to place your wizard.

1) Wizard Bunker - A small (5-10) unit of knights, outriders, pistoliers, or other unit that provides enough models for a Look Out, Sir! roll and is capable of defending the wizard against small arms.

Pro - A small, highly mobile unit that protects your wizard from enemy light units.
Con - Requires an additional 100+ points to protect the wizard that could be used elsewhere.

2) Second Rank - Take a large unit of knights with a full command and two characters (e.g. Captain and Warrior Priest) to push the wizard to the second rank.

Pro - The wizard is protected from close combat attacks and ranged attacks by the weight of steel around him.
Con - The wizard adds a lot of points and very little combat potential to an already expensive unit.  This makes the unit a tempting target for your opponent.


The biggest problem I've had with my knight army is the inability to dish out a lot of attacks.  If they don't break their opponent on the charge, our knights get bogged down and overrun or flee off the battlefield.

We just don't have a great option for where to place our wizards in a knight army.

Tactica updated for wizard bunkers.

Agreed about combat output. It's the killer, and why I think heavens and WP prayers are vital to a cav list. So you do everything possible not to fluff the charge.

One thing to note. Aganst T4, 12 S6 hits (IC, Lance) do equivalent wounds to 20 S4 hits (e.g. halberdiers). So, on a charge, cav should perform equivalently or better than similar state troops (against heavily armored opponents, they're even better). However, after the charge, they're much more limited.

It's a tactial limitation, and against Skaven slaverat hordes it can be a severe limitation.

Thank you for your tactica!  :smile2:
One question: how do you deal with the #6 scenario (watchtower)?


--- Quote from: zifnab0 on March 04, 2013, 01:17:30 PM ---Why take pistoliers?  Because they're fast cav!  They can deploy wherever you want, then get a free 12" move before the game starts.  That means they go even more where you want them.  They're excellent redirecting units, can move after fleeing a charge, and, most importantly, get unlimited free reforms.

That means they can reform 1-wide, squeeze through a narrow gap, and reform 5-wide.  Use them to move in front of an enemy unit and position themselves at the proper angle to prevent overruns.  Reform 1-wide and you've instantly got a 250mm frontage (wider than a horde) to speedbump your opponents entire army.
--- End quote ---
Note that this is true for outriders too.
People tend not to move with outriders in order to shoot. But they can be used just like a fast cavalry, with the bonus of being able to shoot if the need arises - but that's just a bonus.=
Their role is not that much to shoot, but to prevent the opponent to go inside their shooting range. They are fast cav + "area denial" unit.
Fast cav can be extremely handy in order to get control on the opponent's maneuver. They make also great scavengers, hunting the last survivor of an enemy unit which managed to escape - denying all VPs.

Unfortunately, like pistoliers, they are easy game for magic missiles and BS shooting. Fortunately, the present meta does not favour BS shooting. Remains magic missiles.


About ranges, there is valuable data here:
Melee is started at charging distance. Charging distance varies according to the unit.
For M4 infantry, that’s 10-13” (M4 + 2D6, with 72% chances for 10”, 28% chances for 13”). 
For M7 cavalry, that’s 15-17” (M7 + best 2 of 3D6, with 68% chances for 15”, 36% chances for 17”).
For flyers, that’s 18-21” (like cavalry +3”).
For Steam Tank, that’s 9-13” (3D6, with 74% chances for 9”, 26% chances for 13”). That’s quite short, but that’s at 360°, not 90° like others.

If you add one double-move, the range of effect in two turns becomes:
18-21”, ~20" for infantry,
29-31”, ~30" for cavalry,
38-41”, ~40" for flyers,
18-26” for STank.

The Steel Standard makes cavalry M8 and rerolls 1s when charging, which adds further 0.5” to the charging range for a total of +1.5”: 16-19” (80% chances for 16”, 26% chances for 19”).

In the same post, I discuss how to get the charge with Steam Tank.

Holy Hand Grenade:
I really like the work you put into this Sammay.

While squishy, I echo the comments of others on the versatility/utility of fast cavalry for a cavalry army. 

It sounds like you have perfected the art of denying combats by careful use of Fleeing! and setting up decisive combats via multi-charges...but I think a few units of fast cavalry could really assist you in managing the battle.  While this does take away points for the hard-hitting troops, if used right, it actually frees the hammers up to do what they do best-  hit units instead of fleeing.

The other thing they give you is the ability to clear out his chaff to prevent him from giving you a sip of your own medicine-  divertion, march blocking, charge denials, etc.  Something to think about.

A few more comments:

--I agree that Heavens and cavalry go hand in hand.  The Lore gives you a killer buff as well as the ability to clear out chaff, as mentioned above.

--I would include a section on banners.  The Steel Banner and +1 Move Banner are great choices as is the Pennant, allowing a Leadership re-roll to a unit you typically send out alone and unafraid.  The Flaming Banner on a small unit of Demis or Knights is also nice to have against the regen-happy monsters of the Warhammer World.  I personally love putting the Ranger Banner on a big block of Knights....another bane of cavalry lists is a battlefield full of terrain;  smart opponents try to use terrain against you and there is nothing like charging that force over something nasty or putting your unit in the middle of it so your opponent has to take all the DT tests...

--Last, but not least, if I ran an all-cav list I would have one block of Great Weapon knights.  They will die quicker, but they grant you some flexibility and freedom in not having to always get the charge.  If used properly in conjunction with units that do need to charge to get the extra strength, it gives you more tactical options.

Again, great thread.  I was hoping someone would start a Cavalry Tactica to go along with my Infantry Tactica...

My hat is off to you sir!   :::cheers:::


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