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Nice!  Great job!   :::cheers:::

I don't want to sound like a teacher telling off a naughty child, but it should be entries only in this thread, comments go in the discussion thread.

Anyway, my first entry for December

Talabheim Outrider

My second entry.  WIPs have been seen of this, but not completed, and it was something I didn't complete in time earlier in the year.

Amber College Wizard Wagon

Sorry, this has been a long time coming, I've forgot to post scores for December

cjp: Huntsmen, patrolling the wooded heartlands of the Empire. 8.6 Bill the Smithy 5.65
Casual: classic steam tank 'Grudge Bringer' 6.8
Warhammer-Weib: Monica Bellucci and the First Mate Monkey 6.63
Warhammer-Weib: Storm of Magic monster and handler 6.33
Shadespyre: multi-poseable Empire General! 6.575
Oxycutor: Talabheim Outrider 7.3
Oxycutor: Amber College Wizard Wagon 8.2125

Thanks to everyone who took part, especially Shadespyre who managed to something entered every month.

I don't really know what to do for 2015, it doesn't really feel as though there is enough interest.

I know it's already February, but I'll put up a proposal soon in the 2015 discussion thread

I enjoyed meeting my personal challenge of entering something every month, thanks for running it. I got 30 odd miniatures painted that I probably wouldn't have done otherwise, some of which I'm quite proud of.


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