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2000p army
« on: October 08, 2003, 12:41:10 PM »
Full plate armor holy relic, GW leads spearmen

truthsayer leads greatswords

FPA, GW Barded steed leads knights

FPA shield Pistol sword

Points 551 characters

29 spearmen
*full com griffon banner
*6 free company
*8 halberdiers

19 swordsmen
* full command
*8 halberdiers

14 greatswords
*full command war banner
*6 free com
*5 free com

8 IC knights
*full command

12 handgunners
*5 handgunners

5 pistoliers
marksmen rep pist

2 mortars

idea is to shoot as much as can, then charge with knights and pistoliers then charge with troops

any help is wanted
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