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One of the odd things about AoS is that there is nothing preventing you from shooting during the shooting phase that I have seen.... even if you are in combat. So the Helblaster and other warmachines can still fire at the unit in combat with them unless they have a minimum range. This doesn't make a lot of sense but it's definitely making it harder to take out warmachines.

One thing I am having trouble grasping though is that when the Helblaster loses crew members, it's volley of shots goes up. Now this is actually a bad thing because double numbers cause it to jam. The issue is that the firing rules state that you can choose how many gun decks to fire. So if I am down to 1 crew member, the rules state that the volley is 5+ instead of 3+ like normal. But in the shooting phase the gun crew can choose to load and fire 1, 2 or 3 gun decks. So with the 5+ volley from only having 1 crew would you still get to only choose 2 gun decks?

All my what.
First of all I would just house rule the shooting in combat. The crewmen are far too busy fighting the attackers and don't have time to load the gun.

I think you've got the volley of shots thing wrong. Volley of shots is the name of the helblasters shooting attack. The War Machine Crew Table gives you the TO HIT roll depending on how many crew members are alive (or within 1" of the war machine.). So if you have all 3 members near the gun, you hit on 3+. If you only have 1 crew member, you hit on 5+.
Every time you fire you must choose how many decks you fire, the number of crewmen has no effect on this. If you roll doubles, the gun jams and doesn't fire this turn. If you have a model with the Human Engineer keyword within 1" of the gun you can reroll all the dice determining the amount of shots. Also should reduce jamming that way.


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