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The 9th Age Full Rulebook coming soon!
« on: December 16, 2016, 12:35:11 AM »
First Full Basic Rules Book sneak preview

Ho ho ho!

Hey there, T9A enthusiasts! Have you noticed a red-dressed bulking figure,wandering among the community?

It seems that fantasy tales lovers will get something new near the end of this month: December is the month in which the sun comes into the [lexicon]world[/lexicon] again, in many of the ancient cultures of the [lexicon]world[/lexicon]. So we want to give the community a present for [lexicon]Sunna[/lexicon]-mas.

As you probably know, some hostile forces always oppose the rising of the sun. Nonetheless, we raided the enemy camp (for you) and obtained some precious leak about what will be coming in a few weeks...

Of course we know you need to know more, so we're already planning new raids, so just keep following us in the coming days :).

Oooops, sorry, we forget we also have a selfie from our gobbos dept. ...

Second FBRB Sneak Preview

Hi there guys, how you doing?

For most of you, all over the [lexicon]world[/lexicon], it's the holiday season, and that means that even while most of our staff are still very hard at work to finish everything for the Full Basic Rule Book and the V1.3 release, they still need to leave the office for a while to get some gifts for their loved ones.
While some of the Art team were away, the PR team quickly sneaked in to their office, to see if they had left anything in the open.
Besides a lot of empty coffee cups and pizza boxes we found this amazing piece of art where they will still working on, and after taking a picture of it, we hightailed it out of there as if we were members of the Vermin [lexicon]Swarm[/lexicon]!
But enough talk, here is another look at the upcoming work:

Thanks for looking everyone, and keep coming back while we slowly reveal more of the background and artwork of the FBRB!

Third Sneak Preview Full Basic Rule Book

Good morning, fluff lovers!

As you should already know, the release date of the Full Basic Rules Book is approaching.

In our previous "raids" into the Background & Art fortresses we brought to you a preview about the wonderful art and setting we're about to release.

For months the community asked to know something about the new [lexicon]world[/lexicon] and the factions of the Ninth Age: our Christmas present to all of you is a top tier wargaming product. It's no more about the rules only. Our ambition is to bring a whole new wargaming experience based on a balanced rules set AND an immersive setting based on a living [lexicon]world[/lexicon] and an evolving story.

The Sylvan Elves and Undying Dynasties Armybooks, along with the Magic Paths full book, were only the beginning of a story in which your campaigns, your armies and your heroes will fight epic battles. This represent a new step into the development of The Ninth Age, and it will be followed by only more and more depth to the setting.

The FBRB will include something like a hundred pieces of original artwork, toghether with whole pages explaining the [lexicon]world[/lexicon] of T9A, its cultures, the gods, magic, and of course a brief introduction to the 16 factions. Guys, I'll tell you: the [lexicon]world[/lexicon] map is amazing, as is the whole description of it, including the non-playing faction. And, there will be plenty of space for you to create your own background for your army in it.

That is not enough. In the future the guys from our more "artistic" departments (Background Team, Art Team and Layout Team) will release the so-called Background Compendium, that will help the community to immerse more into this sublime fantasy [lexicon]world[/lexicon]. Of course, real depth about the individual factions will be achieved only with the full complete army books, and about that... well, two factions are incoming with Background, Art and new design this spring.

Well, so no preview today?

...let's say this is The Ninth Age.

At last we saw our hidden foe
As elf slew elf across the sea
Great sickness spread ‘cross ev’ry land
And vermin rose upon its wake
To murder men and dwarf to woe

So evil flourished cross the land
With mountain quakes and floods and storms
And daemons came like never hence
To bring us death and rage and scorn
In truth our end does seem at hand

Keep reading the news, we'll steal something from the Art Team again in the next days. And also, please keep in mind that the FBRB release, and Version 1.3 are 2 separate releases, but they will be both useable with each other!

Best wishes from our Harbingers!