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Getting some fantasy terrain done at last....

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The Black Knight:
Right guys!

So I thought that since I've been on these forums for something like 13 years, it might finally be the time to post something relevant (lol). As you may or may not have gathered from my post count, I am NOT a very active member, although I lurk here sometimes and this place has brought me much joy over the years. So I thought that maybe I can contribute a bit myself by starting a little blog. The time seems to be right, as this year is my 20th anniversary of getting into wargaming (as my younger sibling has had the nerve to recently remind me, the little bastard).

So was thinking how to celebrate this. I have something like a 4-5K imperial army, but sadly I do not feel like the time is right to work on it yet (probably gonna give it a couple more decades at my rate ). I have other unpainted armies, and a goblin army that is almost finished, but I also didn't fancy doing any of that right now. So I was thinking what to do and what I came up with is this - how about finally making some decent looking terrain? I'm sure that many of you have nicely painted armies, that you've put a lot of time/effort/money into, but you - like me - are playing on old, crappy terrain that you've cobbled up when you were 16 years old and lets just say it has not aged that well. Which kind of defeats the purpose of a nicely painted army, when you are pushing your models over styrofoam hills slapped with a bit of green paint. Not what I've imagined myself doing, when in 1998 I pored  over beatuiful diorama-like battles found in the pages of white dwarf!

Over the last two years me and my afformentioned brother have created a nice little desert 4x4 board for 40k, and built and painted some terrain for it and our games have gotten much more cinematic thanks to that. Now it's time to get the static grass and flock out of the box!

So what is the plan? I've decided that I want to get myself a 6x4 gaming mat, and make a set of terrain to match it. I don't want to do crazy stuff right now nor a bucketload of pieces - just enough so that I can finnish it in 2-3 months and play comfortably on a nicely decorated table. I also don't want to spend a crazy amount of $$$, I'll mostly scratch build stuff or use things that I already have.

After having watched what feels like 10hs of terrain-related tutorials on youtube and arming myself to the teeth with all sorts of bizarre materials, I've managed to make a short list of things to build:

1) Touching up a couple of old pieces that are salvageable
2) Scatter terrain - bushes, rock piles, lone trees
3) Finishing up a merchant house started a looong time ago
4) Re-working a hirst-art house I got from a friend
5) Two forrests with separately based trees
6) A set of ruins from LOTR + some ruin scatter pieces
7) three rocky hills
8) A couple of additional fences/hedges

This should give me enough to fill out the 6x4 table and make it look jazzy.

So, now that I have probably lost all my readership thanks to the TL;DR introduction I can safely put up some pictures without the worry of beeing riddiculed ;):

First of all I've been re-working some old terrain. It's all over the place right now, so no pics just yet.

Then I've made a start on some scatter pieces of terrain:

A few ovalish bases cut out of an mdf board I had lying around, some filler, sand and rocks - nothing special yet! These are mostly gonna be bushes, with lichen used for the armatures:

(pro tip - this stuff pops up in gardening centers around christmas time and costs near to nothing, avoid the model shops).

Next up, I did some excavations in my working area, and have uncovered an ancient relic which I will talk about in my next post.

To be continued!


--- Quote from: The Black Knight on November 02, 2018, 07:08:20 PM ---
(pro tip - this stuff pops up in gardening centers around christmas time and costs near to nothing, avoid the model shops).

--- End quote ---

super-pro tip: depending on where you live, this stuff may just be hanging from the trees in your friendly neighborhood forest...year-round.

Great post, enjoyed the read as I can relate to the need for proper terrain. Looking forward to the next update.

Yeah go to Wal-Mart and pick up trees for $1 and then spray green over the snow or keep the snow look

Artobans Ghost:
1am looking forward to this thread. Dumped almost all my remaining terrain and may start again with some new ideas

Great start for a blog, and a very relevant & interesting list of terrain to build. I made a list similar to yours a couple of years back, but went fancy and most of the things are still unfinished. Looking for inspiration from you.  :-)



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