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Where ya at with W:AoS and the rest of the hobby?

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So ... it has been a 4 years since the release of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar.

Time seems to have flown past, more figures have been released aimed at it, and folks seem to be all over the place with their own Warhammer or other fantasy gaming.

Where are ya at with your's?  Have ya tried W:AoS?  Continued with it?  Turned to something else? Or continued to play a previous version?  Or maybe a little bit of various choices along the way?

For me ... haven't tried it, still might, drifted towards doing more and more historical gaming, even using Empire figures for this, almost no fantasy anymore, although would like to get back to playing 6th edition, maybe 7th, at some point.


Age of Sigmar is pretty firmly in my repertoire, but I play games based on what campaign the local store is running, or what my friends feel like that day. We all like AoS, but the current hot thing is kill team or 40k.

There's still lots of areas for improvement in AoS but its much better then it was. It's an incredible black spot on their part that theres still no free peoples update, but I do quite like the models and factions they've been putting out otherwise. The growth in lore is real nice as well, although it takes some getting use to with this 'living lore' or whatever they call it.

I've had maybe three games of it so far, and I'm having a whole day of gaming tomorrow that's going to be primarily AoS (And maybe some 8th edition fantasy).

Part of the problem right now is that we're so spoiled for options. My local club runs a different campaign each month or two, and literally picks between ten or so different game systems. Unless someone has something planned when a campaign starts we decide the campaign after that by putting names of game systems in a hat and the boss man draws one. Whoever pushed for that system to be included then writes/sets up the campaign, and has about two months while the current campaign runs to do so. Last draw had Kings of war, Age of Sigmar, Kill Team, 40k, Necromunda, Warmachine, Hordes of War, Frostgrave, 9th edition fantasy and some other one I've never heard of. There's a huge number of different games available now, when not that long ago it was really just a toss up between GW Fantasy and 40k.

I have been drifting away a bit towards 40k, but now and then I still play and just got the new GHB to delve into..
Local club though embrassed AoS recently so more opportunities might arrise to play some more games here and there then I have been.

My drifting away has been twofold.
1) My spiked interest in 40k 8th with my T'au
2) Increased releases for Stormcast which I just couldn't keep up with with my wallet and time to build/paint and thus lacking in a bit of a competitive setting with list building. And Free People still lacking a battletome still stings.. Though I hope the new GHB has something nice for them to help them a bit further along (will see this evening)

There are so many stormcast releases. I like the faction and the models, but we could use a wee break from them.

Artobans Ghost:
I made the transfer quite easily actually. Was out of the hobby for a few years and then the transition. I like the mix of everything, the 3 methods of play - open, narrative and matched. Big or small games , I like the models mostly. The game is much easier to access with all the warscrolls. It really works for my situation. I spent about 6 years with the old system playing 2x a week and every tournament we could find but the new game suits my new situation perfectly. Iíve always been easy with change so it wasnít a big one for me but it sure upset a lot of players the way they went about it. It certainly could have been done better.


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