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Cities of Sigmar battletome announced

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Artobans Ghost:
Humans have finally made it!


--- Quote ---Since the beginning of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, we’ve heard stories of the free cities and the brave alliances of humans, duardin and aelves who guard them. We’ve followed epic stories as Sigmar’s kingdoms have expanded from Azyr, growing into places and cultures with their very own identities – places that you helped forge in the Season of War campaign and explored in Firestorm. Locations like Hammerhal, The Living City, Tempest’s Eye, the Greywater Fastness, Hallowheart, Anvilgard and The Phoenicium are now beloved parts of the setting, and at long last, they have a battletome of their own!

Cities of Sigmar takes sub-factions as diverse as the Scourge Privateers and the Ironweld Arsenal and forges them into a single force. No fewer than seven sets of allegiance abilities allow you to field mixed forces of duardin, humans and aelves, with a massive roster of units available. The possibilities for themed armies with this book are limitless – from fast-moving scout forces of Pistolliers backed up by Grundstok Gunhaulers from Tempest’s Eye to charging lances of Hammerhalian Demigryph Knights.
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Get hyped.

I thought I would never see the day that this would happen!

Though there is mention of several order units being shafted (will be available later in Warhammer Legends) to get this book together, but atleast we can now move forward



--- Quote from: Gankom on July 20, 2019, 04:10:13 PM ---Get hyped.

--- End quote ---

After everything that happened in the last 5 years?  :icon_rolleyes:

But I will follow the development to see where they go with this. I admit, I am at least curious.

Not gonna pay for that. But I'm interested to hear how they patch together a culture and style of equipment they first destroyed.



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