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#3 of 6 scenarios
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Destroy the weapons cache/forward supply depot. (or if you’re a Halfling army The search for the berrywine/Defend our food)
   Three stout Halflings came scurrying back to the camp with there arms full of provisions for that nights dinner.  “Chef furrytoe” the largest of these Halflings piped up “we seen some hummies from stirland in the forest burying stuff near our supply depot.” The obese Halfling chef looked over at his 3 helpers and wondered how these idiots could even know the hummies they seen in the forest were from stirland.  “Do pray tell crookednose how you know these so called hummies burying stuff in the forest were from stirland?”  The smallest of the Halflings cleared his throat and mumbled.  “Speak up Thorus Merrywinkle no one can hear you when you have food in your yap.”  Chef Furrytoe growled.  “Well chef you see when they were placing the stuff in the ground we spied there wine casks.  And seen the imperial mark from Stirland on bold as day.  And we all know Stirland has the best berrywine around.”  “They were burying berrywine, well why didn’t you say that from the start you nicompoops.  Get to cleaning tonights carrots and potatoes I am off to the captain to tell him of this right away.”  The Obese chef waddled out as fast as his tiny legs could take him.
Armies- Point’s values for the armies are equal.

Battlefield-The battlefield is set up as per normal except for each player gets 1 piece of terrain (would suggest a boxlike/small house to represent this) to show where there armies weapons cache supply depot is.  The player writes down on a piece of paper where this is located. You cannot place the depot within 4 inches of your deployment zone. (Use exact measurements in inches from both sides of the table.  On this descriptions place down from what side you’re measuring.)  Then place this paper on top of the table to the side.  

Deployment- Armies deploy as normal.

Who goes first.-Determine as per normal rules

Special Rules- The weapons cache/supply depot. The object is to find and destroy the opponent’s weapons cache.  Any unit on the table can look and find the opponents weapons cache.  To find the opponents weapons cache the player has to forgo the half the units movement.  This is to symbolize looking for the cache’s/depots door.  You do this looking at the beginning of the movement phase.  You measure out 4 inches from all sides of your unit and tell your opponent where you have looked.  If the cache is located in that area you have found it and can be moved into base-to base contact with it.  To destroy the weapons cache is only done thru combat resolution.  Each cache/depot has 10 wounds and US 10 (p.s. also it cannot be broken in combat :D).  If you find the cache and it is not defended you immediately go to the CR portion of the combat.  Total up all your applicable bonuses (i.e. ranks, standards, flanking, and rear) and that is how much damage you do to the cache.  I.E. You outnumber the cache, have a standard, and 3 ranks so you would have 5 CR and would therefore do “5 wounds” to the cache.  If there is an enemy unit located even partially where the cache would be placed on the table it is considered to be drawn into combat.  Then you would fight the unit and the cache at the same time.  Do not count the cache as a unit (So the cache would not get a flank or rear bonus for the defender, But do count the caches US for outnumbering.)  I.E. you do 4 wounds to the defender, have 3 ranks and a standard.  The enemy did 1 wound in return, had a standard and 1 rank plus an out number bonus.  So you would do 4 CR to the enemy.  The attacker then can choose to either do 4 wounds to the cache OR make the defender make his LD check at -4.

Victory Points
Determined as per normal except the Cache/Depot is worth 300 points if you destroyed your opponents and you receive 300 points if yours is still alive at the end of the game.

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#3 of 6 scenarios
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Lol.Are halflings supposed to talk like that?Seems a little un-civilized :-D .
Good scenario though.Keep em' coming.

A side note though, i wont be able to post much do to be being at my grandmas who has no computer that works and the only reason i can post this is because imj at my aunts now. :(

Cause I dont ever wanna leave a game without at least sayin goodbye.