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Rumors, and what's Up with Beastgrave, too!

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By the way, this local store I went into for the first time since before the public health issue started, they were only charging $33 for the box of Beastgrave goblins on wolves, instead of the $38 being charged by GW.

That was good! :icon_biggrin:

Turning this topic into a sticky.

However, these do seem to be associated with the Warhammer Underworlds.  Does anyone know if the rules are the same :icon_question:

I'm catching that the starter box is different, and I still haven't picked one of these up yet, and probably should because I like the wood elf vibe to infantry and the centaur as well, plus the beastmen look awesome too!

By the way, seems the price of the add on war bands came down from their original $38 to the $33 that a local hobby store has been using for at least the last year.  I had picked up a Rippa's Snarlfangs last summer, and interested in picking up the Hrothgorn's Mantrappers next.  I have thought about the latter for a good bit, and almost did yesterday, but I'd already purchased over $200 of new hobby stuff, and held off on the Ogre and his friends again for the moment.  The Grymwatch Ghouls are also tempting, although the bat figure looks a bit odd, but maybe that is just the paint job on it.

Rules are almost exactly the same. Underworlds is the game and Beastgrave is the expansion, or second season if that makes sense. So it adds some new rules and warbands, but its still Underworlds.

Excellent.  Well that does it for me, I'm leaning very, very strongly towards getting the Beastgrave starter set at $75.  Seems like a good buy, I like the miniatures better than Underworld, although not thrilled with the game boards, yet at least it looks like four of those.  Seems like a decent deal, and next trip out to a hobby store will likely be to pick up a copy. :icon_biggrin: :icon_cool:

Purchased Beastgrave at $75, and the Hrothgorn's Mabntrappers set.  :icon_mrgreen: :icon_lol:


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