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Well ... the original starter set is no longer being sold by GW. :icon_eek:

It has been replaced by a new starter set called Warcry: Catacombs.  This new set has the bell tower available, and apparently one set of the ruins, and one set of the walkways and wooden barricades, plus it adds a two sided board that looks like underground environments, and a bunch of doors, treasures, and other potentially underground bits and bops.

Two new warbands as well ... Scions of the Flame (looks like another Chaos warband again), and the Khainite Shadowstalkers (looks like Dark Elfs).

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Glad I picked up an original starter set, I like the first two warbands better, and all the scenery pieces that match the various suggested game/terrain setups.  However, the three terrain sets are still available, and I am very tempted to get these soon.  I'm most interested in the Forest set, but I like the game board sold with the Ruins set, and the Stormvault is an interesting selection as well.

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Meanwhile ... there have also been 4 new booklets for the forces of Order, Destruction, Chaos, and Death ... for selecting forces from the four groupings of forces in W:AoS.

I like the original starter set better as well, but I know some folks who are raving about the new one. I do really like the models, but not enough to shell out for the set. The terrain is always real nice.

If folks want to duplicate the scenarios from the first box set and the core rules, it'd be wise for GW to make the scenery from the first starter set available as a separate item.  Perhaps the current "Ruins" set will work ok, although having the bell tower and other pieces available thru the 2nd starter set might solve the issue.

Although still, there would be convenience in being able to buy all the original starter set scenery in one fell swoop.  Of course GW might prefer folks buying the new starter set, too ... lol.

Suspect the new warbands for the Scions and Dark Elfs will eventually be given their own boxes, since the other warbands have.

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