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Looking for old [6e] War Room articles

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And I have some I can share as well!

I recently rediscovered some binders that contain reams of printed off War Room articles from the mid to late 2000s. I am looking to round out my collection if I can, and I'd be happy to post the ones I have as well. Since mine are text copies though it would have to be scans, as I've no intention of re-typing the entire Hitch Hikers Guide (although I do see it is still making the rounds around here, which is nice).

The articles I have text copies of:
(edit: I will be adding links here to pdfs of my scans as I make them)

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Empire
Tactica Universalis
Making an Empire Tournament Army
Frederick the Great's Oblique Attack
The Bowl Defense
Mercenaries and the Empire (using DOW troops)
Engineer Tactica
Two different Warrior Priest articles
Using Mounted Characters in Infantry Units
Magic User Tactica
Griffon Tactica
Pegasus Tactica
About 10 different army-specific tactics articles (VC, Greenskins, Wood Elves, TK, Dwarfs, Lizardmen, Chaos, Beastmen, off the top of my head. Might be more)

Articles I'd love to find a copy of:

Fighting Like an Idiot (TVI tactica) (found and posted on this forum)
Advanced Pegasus Tactica (it's cited in the HHGttE but I've never seen it?)
Magika (or whatever the magic user tactics was called - not sure if the one I've linked above is this or not)
Ten Ways to Use a Detachment (mentioned by SirMixus below)
There was an article about using multi-purpose units from the empire list
An article about countering a refused flank, or something like that
Any other 6th edition tactics articles that still exist

If anyone has any copies of the above, or electronic copies of the ones I've already got, I'd love to hear about it. Anyone else looking for those old articles would sure appreciate it, and I'd love to see some of the ones I don't have. If anyone wants copies of the ones I have (that no electronic copies exist of already, of course) then I'd be happy to make scans.


A couple of friends and I just started playing 6th edition again and I'm looking for these old articles. Increadible that you have so many of them! I would be interested in all of the empire related ones but I would understand if this was a little bit too much to ask, especially because I can't return the favour. I don't have any to share.

There should be a '10 ways to use detachments' article somewhere and I'm particularly interested in that one. But I had no luck so far.

Thank you in advance and cheers,

Hello, emperor_pudu,
sorry to necropost, but this thread and your tactical collection is truly amazing: like our colleague SirMixus, I'm interested in all those concerning the Empire (probably I will play 6th ed. with a group of friends), however I'm not sure to be able to repay your kind offer! On the other hand, in these years I managed to collect a huge number of pdf documents, ranging from army books or annuals to novels and painting guides: if you're looking for something like it, I will be happy to oblige!

Thank you very much and good day to you!   :happy:

Alright, time to start uploading. I can scan quick and dirty pdfs of everything I have, but I'm not sure what the best way to get them out will be. Here is my first offering, I'll continue to upload like this periodically unless someone has a better way to do it!

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Empire

Edit: also added Tactica Universalis and Making an Empire Tournament army in the OP

Thank you very much - this little gem is very well written and certainly it is a just cause to pluck it from the sad War Room's demise.
We'll wait for more great documents like this - you're a lifesaver.  :happy:


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