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Fantasy Flight Games now holds the license. They make Legion, X-Wing, Armada, the current RPG, and others.

Ah.  And its a die 10 system :icon_question:

And I just went looking on their site.  Uh oh.

It is a mixed-dice system. Many of their systems used polyhedral dice with funky symbols on them.

Glad I have other dice besides 6 sided, mostly 10 sided, but a few others.  Do the starter sets come with a rule book :icon_question:

The description says it comes with everything to play, yet it didn't mention dice nor rule book.

Wasn't drawn to the initial starter set when I first saw it, it seemed like more of the same, perhaps since the last three films had many of the same characters, and I felt all the marketing has been on overkill.  However, I like what I see with the new Clone Wars models, and it feels more like a pair of table top sci-fi armies to me, a bit more removed from the marketing overkill, and I might enjoy playing either side, plus it might help with my various nephew's being interested in table top miniature gaming.

Oh, it comes with its own dice. Very specialized dice.


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