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Hi, wahammer heroes. I picked up an old topic from Grimgorgoroth about and old campaign from 7th edition, called “Drums of War”. That was the the original message:

“In the Spanish June edition of white dwarf appears a campaign called Drums of War that has Marius Leitdorf as one of the principal characters.
The story is that chaos warriors are invading Ostland and Karl Franz is in Bretonia on some diplomatic mission..
In the magazine appears three of the six scenarios.
The first scenario that is an ambush of beast vs empire. The second scenario is Empire vs Empire caused by a traitor wizard (really a daemon in disguise) and the final confrontation is called the temple of skulls.
My question is have you heard of this campaign? and if so where can I find the other scenarios? Because I looked for the remaining scenarios of the GW site but alas couldn`t find them”

Sadly, the old link to Pdf is expired: by chance, if anyone has  the original pdf with all the six scenarios’ rules, could he/she so kind to share it again?

Thank in advance  :icon_lol:

PM me an email address and I will send them over.

1. Ambush in the Forest of Shadows
2. Along Came a Traitor
3. Help Unlooked For
4. The Ostland Frontier
5. The Ruins of the Ostfort
6. Battle for the Temple of Skulls

Midaski would you send them to me as well? I'm also interested in this campaign it sounds very intriguing!

hey Midaski,

could you send them over to me as well? I was searching for the scenarios as well and I could not find them anywhere... would be really awesome!  :smile2:

Thanks Midasky! Exactly the scenarios i was lookin for!!

I'll send you a ms right know, but i also would like to openly thank you for your helpfulness


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