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Artobans Ghost:
Completely and totally awesome on every level. Looking forward to be braindazed by the painting 😺


--- Quote from: Rowsdower on June 21, 2021, 01:42:23 PM ---Great job on the wagon

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--- Quote from: Artobans Ghost on June 25, 2021, 04:10:03 PM ---Completely and totally awesome on every level. Looking forward to be braindazed by the painting 😺

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Many thanks both  :smile2:

Here are some painted shots of the gate; I actually had it painted by the end of June but have been slow in going through my camera and phone stuff. I do my painting and modelling in the conservatory at my home and when it's hot, as it has been to extreme levels occasionally this summer, it's a no-go zone as it's unbearable in there. So next year I will look to find another spot to do modelling in maybe.

Here is the painted gate section, with the door closed...

And open!

It's really quite satisfying to open and close - I'm genuinely pleased that I've managed to introduce interactive elements into the buildings as I've gone on with the project. Although, I suspect that one day the cocktail sticks will break and I'll have to bodge it with glue somehow.

What doesn't work quite so well is the removable roof - it fits fine but I keep forgetting that it's not fixed on, and it has therefore been dropped several times and the little bird keeps getting knocked off  :oops: so has already been pinned and glued back on more than once.

Anyway, I hope it'll pay off in terms of being able to reposition models inside the roof section. There's a little wheel thing in there which I think is from an old dwarf or orc siege engine of some sort. I gues it opens the door.

Finally, some shots of all the buildings together. The wall now spans the width of my dining table.

Most excitingly of all, the wall sections fit perfectly into some plastic storage boxes I bought in B&Q, pleasing the perfectionist in me no end! Also, I will be able to transport and store it all neatly, which is good.

I've already started building some more wall sections to fill the box! These will be angled, so the wall can be turned to more of a semi-circle. They're actually nearly done so I'll post them soon hopefully. Once again, thanks for reading and all the encouragement.  :biggriin:

This way more greatness comes! :icon_biggrin: :icon_cool: :eusa_clap:

Michael Stockin:


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